Saturday, August 23, 2008

more animation

This is all of the rough animation I've done so far with everything edited together. I'm pretty happy with the result although there are things I need to fix and tweak which I'm currently doing right now. I will post more soon. Thanks for looking and any comments are always welcome. 

On another topic, I finally found another job! It took me a long time but I finally received another job offer. It's at a real estate company about 5 min away from my house and it would be a graphic design/administrative job. The pay is descent (much more than what I was getting at my last job) plus they provide benefits, sick days, etc. so that is pretty exciting for me considering I've never had that before.  Not having to commute a couple of hours every day to work is going to be really nice and free up a lot of my time. 
I'm still looking for animation work to do on the side and I've been finding job postings for that so I've been applying to anything animation related out there. 

Anyway, I hope this new job goes well. See ya. 

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