Monday, September 1, 2008

some more work....

This is some random work I did. I had to take this comic book test for a motorcycle company or something like that. I had to take one of there characters, redraw them in my style but still keeping the general features along with a futuristic motorcycle. I've never really drawn motorcycles but luckily, I bought a book called "How To Draw Choppers Like A Pro" last year which has definitely helped me in my aid. The book actually has some useful tips and talks about proportions of a chopper and has some really amazing illustrations in it. The motorcycle above was more or less my first attempt at creating my own motorcycle. Although I'm not the best at it, I definitely want to improve in drawing more mechanical objects.  I also didn't realize this until now but I think the arm on the girl is a little too short. Oh well. I can always go back into photoshop and fix that. Thank god for photoshop. 
I don't think I'm going to get picked to do this comic book job and I don't completely trust the company. I e-mailed them with some questions along time ago and they never responded. They do have a website with a phone number but I've been so busy I never called them. Oh well. It was still a good experience I guess. 
Now, if you want to buy the book I bought I must warn you. There perspective section is a joke. They briefly go over perspective in it's simplest form. I think they should have made that a much bigger chapter because they show you examples and they don't really explain how they did it.  I do have some decent knowledge of perspective so I could figure things out but still. 

Oh I actually do have a technical question. Does anyone know how to ink really smooth lines? I tried my best but my inked lines for my motorcycle aren't as smooth as I would like. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Anyway, must keep working on my animation. See ya. 

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