Friday, November 28, 2008

new illustration...

This is a new illustration I'm working on. It's based off an old illustration I did a few years ago. In one of my illustration classes, I had to illustrate a phobia. I ended up choosing Iatrophobia, the fear of doctors. I know I probably pushed this concept way too far but I wanted to do that anyway.  I've always wanted to redo what I did originally but I ended up not doing it because I wasn't ever satisfied with my thumbnail compositions. I finally decided to tackle it again because it would be good practice for me to use some perspective knowledge that I taught myself. 
I'm planning on painting it soon but this is the drawing of it. I started drawing it by hand but doing the perspective part was really annoying because I didn't have enough room to use my vanishing points since they are way off the page. I also have trouble drawing things that are small. I ended up creating the grid and set up the vanishing points in illustrator and connected the lines that way and brought the image back into photoshop where I started laying out the figures and interior room. 
I'll post more soon. 

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