Sunday, January 4, 2009

finished I think...

Okay.... I think this is done. I might tweak some parts later but for now it's done. I always go through a process at one point where I don't want to work on it anymore because I don't like how it is turning out. Luckily, I'm stubborn enough to keep working on it and things eventually work out. I'm glad I did this because it re-reminded me to learn more about drapery and cloth over a figure. Doing paintings in school and observational drawings on the subway def helped but I still run into issues where I don't feel completely confident and I'm basically just faking my way through the process. Anyway, if anyone sees anything technically that could be better, please let me know. (If you are using a mac, the colors might come out a little bit washed out because it does on my screen for some reason. When I look at it on a PC, it looks close to the original. Not sure why.) Time to move on to some fun stuff!  

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OWW/Claire said...

Ian...I am no expert on color but the colors certainly do show beautifully on my pc. You have such a wonderful talent. I like to sketch...don't laugh, but I really do love sketching trees. I can resketch the same tree over and over always finding something different, but I could never draw the way you do...that's real talent.

As to artist block...well, who ever heard of an artist in any vein that just sits and gets it critic is as critical as the critic within oneself.

I'll look for more of your work...and will recommend your blog to those that are a zillion years younger than this old woman.

Good work young man...and don't leave the crayons all over the floor!