Friday, January 2, 2009

starting coloring....

Okay... so I started adding color to this using a diff method then i normally do. I painted the image in black and white and then starting painting over it by setting the layer to color. I noticed that you can't do too much using this method because you can't really go darker so you have to create another layer. It's a little frustrating but I guess it's a good experience. Hopefully this will be done by tomorrow.  
I know conceptually, this isn't that great but I have this beef with a company that fired me a year ago and it was to draw an elf holding in orb. They insulted me and said I wasn't good at drawing. Well, maybe I did have some issues but it was something that still pisses me off from time to time. Even though I've redone this before, I decided to redo it again. I'm doing this more as an exercise in painting than anything else. I'll def come up with some better stuff conceptually soon. 

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