Friday, July 24, 2009


Okay, so unfortunately, I don't have any new artwork posted yet. I have to scan some stuff first. Anyway, a problem I've been having when I study anatomy is just remembering everything. Like, I'll do a bunch of studies but if I don't do it after a while because I have to do something else, etc, I notice I might forget how to draw certain body parts (ex: the foot) or I might not be as confident with it so I have to try and remember how to draw it again. Does anyone else have this problem? Maybe I'm just stupid but I haven't read anyone else having this issue. The main parts I know but it's just little details and things like that. Any input would be appreciated.

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Justin Wolfson said...

Well Ian, as they always say: "Practice makes perfect."

Maybe you could try to do illustration projects that would utilize the parts of the body you think you need more practice with. Make a gigantic foot monster!