Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm almost done with my website!

So I'm almost finished with my website. Since I'm still struggling to create a slideshow in javascript with a fade/fade out effect I ended up doing it i Flash. I still want to figure out how to do it in Javascript but at least I have something up there anyway.

I still need to add some content to some pages and add the php to the contact form page but overall, it's working and my graphic design work is up. I'm also planning on redesigning my pdf resume so it matches the same look to the website.

I figured out how to have someone get redirected to a different website so that's what I did when someone clicks on my website link, they will get redirected to my new site in progress. I think that's pretty cool and it's actually very easy to do in Javascript. Anyway, you can see more progress of my website if you go to It will redirect you anyway. This is great so when I'm looking for work, they can see my new website.

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