Thursday, October 11, 2012

Really people?

Okay so I know I posted a finished illustration from the last post but it turns out, it's still not completely finished. After getting some harsh feedback from people on, the main thing was that the composition was a little too boring and that I needed to fix the edges of things and make the shadows more prominent. I understand feedback is important but I could only get the feedback after ranting about not getting any feedback after 100 views. 100 views! And not one person can say anything nice. Really? Most of the people that commented aren't even as good as me (I know that's mean but it's true) and they couldn't say one good thing about it? Something they liked. It's just, do more studies. Fuck studies! Yes they are important but I don't feel this turned out as bad as they thought and quite frankly I learned a lot from doing this and feel that I have grown as an artist so go me.

I recently joined a digital art and illustration group on linkedIn and one person requested my website. I gave it to them. The only thing you can say after looking at is liked my animation...from like...a million years ago...even though I have my graphic design and illustration work on there...? That's the only thing you can comment on? Really? The person had a blog I glanced at and their drawings sucked. Maybe they think my work sucks too. I don't know but still. I have some good shit on my site. Note to self: Take down  my animation section because the animation stuff I have sucks anyway. Plus I'm not going to apply to any animation jobs so it's pointless.

But really people? I'm not feeling the love. What the hell is going on? I'm I living in a different world than everyone else? I know I'm not the best artist in the world but I do feel like credit is deserved when it's due.

P.S. Thanks for the nice comment Dave De keyser


Dave De keyser said...

Haha, Ian I feel your pain! I update my blog like 10+ times per month and I almost NEVER get a comment on my work. For me it's like an online copy of what I do. Just in case my flat burns with everything in it :P

And yeah, I think people more easily leave a negative comment than a positive one. Saying something like "great" or "awesome" won't really help us become better artists anyway, even if it is nice to hear of course. If you want praise, ask your friends or family, they'll always be full of praise. Concept art is a community with some of the BEST artists the world has to offer.

You'll have to decide if you want to be loved and popular or be criticized and become better. Deviantart is full of artists who I concider to be below my level, yet they have A LOT more pageviews, A LOT more faves..why? I don't f***ing know :P

But you know, I rather have less faves than be popular but be a shitty artist, I can tell you know already that you have a lot of untapped talent. Your animal studies are AWESOME! But your imaginated drawings and humans are developping. Once you get that at the same level, you'll be an AMAZING artist.

I'm not saying you aren't good. You are good, but you can be a lot better, but you can only get better if you accept criticism, don't let it drag you down. Instead ask why it was said and try to understand it form their point of view. You might agree or not agree, but at least it can make you think about your work. Both you and me are on the same road, whatever happens man. STAY ON IT!

We'll get better! Even if you are THE BEST, you can still get BETTER! :)

Ian said...

I definitely agree with you that I'd rather get harsh criticism to improve them get a bunch of praise and not advance as an artist. I wrote this blog entry to vent my anger and frustration. I don't think there is anything wrong that. lol.
The comments I got from my last illustration showed me what I needed to improve on. Of course I want to get better.
I'm working on a Halloween illustration and I am keeping in mind the comments from the last illustration. Hopefully I won't make the same mistakes twice.