Thursday, August 29, 2013

What I learned from my finished illustration. Side Note: This blog needs to be redesigned.

At last I finished it.

Yes I know. It has some problems. This is what I learned from this experience:

I should never be lazy about perspective ever EVER again.  

I kind of had a feeling that the perspective was somewhat off in the beginning stages but I never bothered to fix it. Why? Because I was lazy. I thought maybe I could pull it off and no one would notice. Wrong. That was just dumb of me. I should have taken the time to put down my horizon line and vanishing points and did it the proper way like I have in the past. Next time, I will put down that effen horizon line.

Spent more time figuring out the light source.

I sort of fudged the light source too. There is no definite light source. I was confused about where to put my light source because I wanted it to be overall a cloudish night so there wouldn't be any harsh lighting. I guess I should have invested more time in figuring out how other artists tackled this issue.

Come up with a better composition. 

The composition should have been changed to make the mouse and rat more the focus. This was something I struggled with. I tried doing it here with the contrast but the mouse and rat are hard to see. I had another idea for the composition but I couldn't get it right. Yesterday as I was resketching composition ideas for this, I finally got it right. Why did it take this long? I don't know but over the course I was working on this, I have been getting better at composition anyway. 

Those are the main things I learned from this. Deep down, I really just wanted to draw some cats and that was the toughest part for me. I was trying really hard to get the anatomy right and make sure the cats were drawn well. I must have redrawn them a million times until they looked right. That's what took me the longest too. I like how the cats came out and I learned a lot more about animal anatomy. 

I still like it regardless of the issues and plan on redoing it in the future.  

On a side note, I have to redesign this blog. I know I can design it better so I really need to take some time and do that. The problem is is that I have a million other things to do and don't really have the time. I'm also lazy. It may take a while until you see a new layout soon. 

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