Tuesday, September 16, 2008

more animation completed!

Okay so although this isn't completely finished, I happen to get a shit load of the animation fully completed and colored. This is fully editing with all of the animation. I still have to touch things up and the last section (background in orange) still needs to be colored and cleaned up. Also, the editing needs touching up. I don't get why I always put myself in this situation where the editing still is a bit rough in spots. I have an idea to fix it but it's just so damn time consuming. I'm pretty proud of myself because I've gotten a lot done since last week considering I am sleep deprived and ever since work started, I've only been getting 3 hours of sleep each night. I also haven't taken been able to go to the gym at all this past week because I'm trying to finish this animation up as fast as possible because the band really needs it. It sucks but once this is over, I'll be really happy and have a life again. lol. Anyway, enjoy!

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