Wednesday, September 24, 2008

some more animation progress....

Okay, so I am almost done completing this. (Finally!) I colored most of the last section that I didn't have before. There are still a lot of nitpicky things I did to fix and tweak. I've just been getting a bit down with this animation lately. I've been getting great responses earlier on before I colored everything in. Last week when I showed some people the animation colored, for some reaosn I still didn't get that positive reaction. I know it still needs work but sometimes I really don't feel like doing it anymore but I know I have to because the band really needs it and I do want to finish it for myself.
I also feel that my skills still aren't good enough yet which really pisses me off because I really do try. I'm not quite sure what else to do. I've been feeling a little discouraged I guess. Maybe I just feel that my skills as an animator are limited. I don't know.
I'll post the completed version soon.

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