Saturday, February 26, 2011

About optimism...

I know that being positive is really important, especially when trying to develop my skills. For instance, today I was in a much better mood then yesterday and have been working on a character design. I'm actually redoing the previous one in black and white because I'm not completely happy with it. It's not bad but I'm not sure if it's how I wanted it to look. Because I'm in a more optimistic mood, I feel like I can be more productive and I've actually almost finished with the redesign of the character.

My problem is that being positive is only short lived. It's a brief moment where I feel like nothing can stop me and I'm just doing my thing. My question is, how do I keep thinking positive all the time? I generally have a nrgative attitude towards a lot of things. I feel like when something happens in my life that is negative, it takes me back to thinking pestimistcally. I honestly don't understand how people can constantly be happy all the time. I don't find that realistic. When I'm depressed and not thinking straight, my artwork suffers and slows down my progress. Any suggestions on staying positive no matter what?

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