Sunday, November 13, 2011

Some progress on my script (and other stuff)

So I've been spending at least two  - four hours a day writing my script, trying to get through the first draft. At times it great and things just flow and the story starts writing itself. Then there are times that I'm like...what the fuck do I do!? This isn't going anywhere. This scene isn't work. Why is this so damn hard?! I stare at my screen like the answer it will magically come to me. But when I'm in that state, I have to just write something anyway. That's the only way to get out of the rut. What I notice is that even though my writing might suck, there is something in there that actually has potential, or it sparks a new idea to keep my story moving forward.

Yes, I have an outline. But sometimes I notice there are little bumps in the road and I don't realize them until I start writing. They are minor things and not many of them, but at times, they are there.

And I have to keep something in mind when I'm writing my first draft. IT IS MY FIRST DRAFT AND IT WON'T BE PERFECT. I have to stop putting pressure on myself that this has to be all there. It's a first draft and I will have time to revise and keep revising it later. It's a habit that will be hard to break but I need to keep telling myself that.

It's funny how I mentioned in my last post that I won't be pursuing art anymore and yet I found myself drawing last week. I don't know. I just felt like it. It was a nice break between writing I guess. Who knows? But I've noticed something similar to screenwriting and drawing. You're first pass when drawing won't be good but you try and draw it out so you have something to work with. This would be similar to your first draft to your screenplay. Then as you keep drawing and painting it, you keep revising and fixing it until you feel like you've done absolutely everything you can to make it as good as possible. After you write your first draft of your screenplay, you do a second pass and you keep revising it.
I'm not saying it's the same thing but the process is pretty similar. The only difference is that you can finish an illustration faster than a screenplay.

Overall, I'm glad I'm finding the time to write. There is always something that gets in your way in life from doing what you want but you have to fight through it anyway. That's what I've been doing basically. I don't think there is any way around it. But I'm still passionate about this idea and already have about 55 pages written so far.

Outlining definitely helps me prepare before I write because this way I have a plan of some sort. If I just start writing from scratch and have no plan, writing a feature length screenplay is a very overwhelming task for me.

I've been submitting my short screenplay called "The Bank Teller" to a couple of contests. It's a little scary putting myself out there but I feel strongly about the theme of the script.

I'll keep everyone posted on whether or not I place in anything.

If you would like to see my creature I drew, you can view it here

I guess I don't see myself giving up art completely. It's a frustrating experience.

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