Thursday, July 12, 2012

Something new...

The reason why I haven't been posting that much these days is because I don't really have anything to post. I've been doing more writing than drawing. My short screenplay, "The Bank Teller" is almost completed and it's in good shape. Just some more minor rewriting to it and I feel it'll be ready to enter into contests. The last draft I wrote of this was in October of 2011. I wasn't going to do a rewrite on it but something inside of me told me too, so last month I did and the script is much stronger. Overall, I'm proud of what I wrote and have an outline to write my next short screenplay, "Supermarket Hell." I also started outlining a feature length screenplay so we'll see how that goes. More on that later.

I've started coming back to drawing again and decided to post a work in progress sketch.

I know it's not the best concept but I'm kinda getting into drawing again and feel like I've improved. It gives me hope to still pursue a career in art. My progress has been slower than I would like but it's still progress none the less. I want to experiment and finish this to see where it goes.

I'm realizing more and more that I do enjoy writing and feel like I've made progress in that as well so perhaps combining the two skill sets some day for a graphic novel might not be out of reach.

I thought art was behind me but it creeps back into my life, inch by inch. I guess the passion for it is still there.

On the plus side, my job has been going well. I like my boss and the work environment in general and I'm starting to do more creative work for their website which is great. I feel like they really do appreciate my hard work which is something I haven't always experienced.

Anyway, off to write something now.

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