Saturday, June 29, 2013

More progress yet again...

I ended up spending more time fixing various drawing problems that I've been noticing the more I work on this. I guess I should have seen this before I started painting but that never seems to work for me.

Usually when I start painting is when I notice I need to redraw and fix things. Then I get unorganized and suddenly everything is on one layer and I get equally frustrated. I don't know why this happens almost every time but it's really annoying. I was hoping this would have been finished by now.

I also realized I didn't quite understand the anatomy of a cat as well as I thought and required more observing and studying accompanied by reference. I do like the direction it's going but I feel as if I'm somewhat losing control. I am getting some of it back the more I redraw and fix things.

Hoping this gets finished sooner rather than later.


Tegan Clancy said...

an amazing piece you have on your hands here!

Ian said...

Thanks Tegan. I'll let you know when it's finished. :)